General Questions

What is CodeComet?

CodeComet is a test observability toolkit designed to provide deep visibility into automated test suites. It helps teams monitor, analyze, and improve the quality of their code through detailed metrics and dashboards.

How does CodeComet improve code quality?

CodeComet enhances code quality by tracking test performance, outcomes, and trends. It identifies slow tests and flakiness in tests and test suites, enabling teams to address issues early and maintain high standards of software quality.

Which programming languages and test frameworks does CodeComet support?

CodeComet natively supports Go and Python. With JUnit support, it extends compatibility to Java, JavaScript/TypeScript, PHP, C#, Ruby, Rust, Scala, Kotlin, Swift, and more, covering most major programming languages.

Installation and Setup

How do I install the CodeComet CLI?

Navigate to, then download the latest release zip file for your operating system. Unzip the file to your desired directory. This will create a codecomet executable. For detailed instructions, refer to the Quickstart Guide or CodeComet CLI.

Where can I find my CodeComet API Key?

Log into your CodeComet web application, navigate to Settings > API Key, and copy the pre-generated API Key. This key is essential for authenticating your CLI with the CodeComet service.

Configuration and Use

How do I configure the CodeComet CLI with my API Key?

After installing the CLI (and before running it), make sure to set up the environment variable CODECOMET_API_KEY as follows:

export CODECOMET_API_KEY=<your_api_key>

How can I integrate CodeComet into my CI/CD pipeline?

CodeComet integrates with CircleCI, GitHub Actions, and other CI systems. Modify your CI configuration files to include the appropriate CodeComet CLI commands. For specific instructions, please visit the CI Integration Guides.

Viewing Test Results

How do I view my test results in the CodeComet web application?

After running your Test Suite with CodeComet, visit to view detailed results, metrics, and analysis of your tests.


What should I do if I encounter issues installing the CodeComet CLI?

Ensure your system meets the CLI's requirements and you have the necessary permissions. If problems persist, contact Support for assistance.

Why aren't my test results showing up in the web application?

Verify that the CodeComet CLI is correctly configured with your API Key and that your test commands are properly structured. If problems persist, please contact Support and we will help you sort it out.

Advanced Use

Can I set up alerts for test failures or performance issues?

Not at the moment, but we are working on this. CodeComet's alerting system will notify you via Slack, email, or other channels about test failures or anomalies.

How can I contribute to or request features for CodeComet?

We welcome feedback from our community. For now, please reach out via our Support to submit feature requests.

Is CodeComet suitable for small projects or startups?

Absolutely, CodeComet is designed to scale with your project, from small startups to large enterprises, providing valuable insights into test suite performance and quality at any size.

What is the pricing model for CodeComet?

CodeComet offers various pricing plans to suit different team sizes and needs. Visit our Pricing page for detailed information or contact Support for custom solutions.