Web Application

The CodeComet web application provides a comprehensive interface for monitoring and analyzing your test suites and individual test runs. With an intuitive and interactive dashboard, users can easily navigate through various metrics and visualizations to gain insights into the performance and health of your automated tests.


The web application is organized into several key dashboard views, each tailored to present specific aspects of your test data. These dashboards include:

  • Latest Test Suite Runs: Offers a snapshot of the most recent runs across all test suites, highlighting performance metrics and outcomes.

  • Test Suite Dashboard: Focuses on a single test suite, providing detailed metrics, historical trends, and individual test outcomes.

  • Test Suite Table: Lists all tests in a test suite with summary information, allowing users to quickly assess the status and access detailed test views.

  • Test Suite Multiple Runs: Aggregates data from multiple runs of a test suite, showcasing trends and comparisons over time.

  • Individual Test Dashboard: Delivers in-depth analysis of a single test's performance across its recent runs.

  • Individual Test Multiple Runs: Compares metrics across multiple runs for a specific test, identifying patterns or anomalies.

Each dashboard view is designed to support effective test management and optimization, equipped with features like search and drill-down capabilities.

Dashboard Views

Latest Test Suite Runs

Metrics Displayed: Execution time, pass/fail status, test coverage, and test failures for the latest test suite runs.

Test Suite Dashboard

Metrics Displayed: Detailed metrics for a specific test suite, including total tests, pass/fail statuses, slowest tests, and execution time.

Test Suite Table

Metrics Displayed: Summary for each test suite, including total run time and per-test metrics.

Test Suite Multiple Runs

Metrics Displayed: Comparative data across multiple test suite runs, showing trends in execution time and stability.

Individual Test Dashboard

Metrics Displayed: Execution details of a single test, including run time, pass/fail status, and associated logs.

Individual Test Multiple Runs

Metrics Shared: Performance and outcome metrics across several runs of a single test.

The above sections outline the key features and functionalities of each dashboard within the CodeComet web application, providing users with powerful tools to monitor, analyze, and improve their test suites.